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Digital Marketing Solutions – 20 Tools for Your Success

By: Frank DePino | May 22, 2024

Growing your brand should not be tedious and boring— it should be fun and exciting.  By familiarizing yourself with digital marketing solutions to grow your brand, you can further decide which marketing tactics will be a good fit for you and yield the best results. 

The tools and platforms used for digital marketing solutions cover a wide range of usage from graphic design and traffic flow, to search engine optimization, analytics reports, and email campaigns.  

By exploring each of these solutions, you will be able to grow your brand while also becoming more efficient in your online presence and marketing strategies. 

Digital Marketing Solutions - How they can help you

How can digital marketing solutions help you?

Digital marketing solutions are invaluable resources to you and your business marketing campaigns. Here are just a few ways digital marketing solutions can help you:

  • Increase engagement and traffic to your brand
  • Build a larger audience and online presence
  • Promote and establish your brand
  • Increase sales or leads to your business

To learn more about digital marketing solutions for your brand and how MediaBoom can help, check out these articles on branding, reaching consumers, and digital marketing agencies

20 Digital Marketing Solutions To Grow Your Brand

Listed are 20 digital marketing solutions to grow your brand.  These tools are industry standard, and well worth the investment if you are looking to increase traffic to your brand, publicity to your company, and sales of your product.  

  1. Google Analytics
  2. SEMrush
  3. Adobe Creative Cloud
  4. ActiveCampaign
  5. Google Ads
  6. HubSpot
  7. Yoast SEO
  8. CallRail
  9. Facebook Ads Manager
  10. 10.HootSuite
  11. Google Trends
  12. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
  13. Ahrefs
  14. Zoho
  15. MailChimp
  17. Pinterest Business
  18. Moz Pro
  19. Marketo
  20. Canva Business

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10 Website Mistakes Luxury Brands Should Avoid

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By further exploring our list of digital marketing solutions, you will be able to increase audience engagement and action for your businesses and companies. 

Read on to discover the top digital marketing solutions in the industry, and how you can implement them into your marketing campaigns and strategies.  

The Top Digital Marketing Solutions Your Brand Should Use

1. Google Analytics

Digital Marketing Solutions - Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool used to analyze data and reach for businesses and companies. The insights given provide information to track and improve your advertising, data, and content for search engine optimization. 

Learn more about Google Analytics!

2. SEMrush

Digital Marketing Solutions - SEMrush

SEMrush conveniently provides one place to house all your digital marketing solutions— SEO, content marketing, social media, competitor research, and PPC. When you use this platform, you have access to a variety of online toolkits to help with your digital marketing solutions. 

To explore your options and see what SEMrush can do for you, visit their website!   

3. ActiveCampaign

Digital Marketing Solutions - ActiveCampaign

Are you looking for a tool to help automate emails, and improve your email networking? ActiveCampaign is committed to helping you establish reach and growth, while also nurturing the needs of your audience, and placing calls to action in order to convince prospective members to take the next step with your company or business. 

Visit ActiveCampaign to see everything they can offer you for all your business needs.

4. Google Ads

Google Ads provides a user-friendly advertisement experience at an affordable cost. Simply plug in your goal, message, keywords, location, and budget, then Google Ads will do the rest for you. Google Ads has so much to offer.

Learn more about Google ADS on the official website.

5. HubSpot

HubSpot - Digital Marketing Solutions

Tools and integrations for your marketing, sales, content management and customer service needs is what this platform offers to its consumers. Powerful and easy to use, HubSpot is a great tool for all of your digital marketing solutions. 

Take a look now at the official HubSpot website and see what they can do for you and your business. 

6. Yoast SEO

Digital Marketing Solutions - YOAST SEO

Yoast SEO boasts software to help you and your products get noticed online, and increase traffic to your website, blog, or business page. Connected, trusted, and integrated, this is a tool used by businesses and companies all over the world with high success rates and reviews from its users. 

Connect now your website with Yoast Seo!

7. CallRail


CallRail is a contact platform serving your digital marketing solutions. From phone calls, texts, and forms, to live chats and marketing campaigns, This tool uses analytics to help track your contacts and improve your business reach. 

Learn more about CallRail on the official website.

8. Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Manager is a multi-faceted tool used for marketing campaigns for Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Audience Network. This ad management software helps you create, manage, run, and track your digital marketing solutions so you can strategize and further engage your audience. 

Start now your experience with Facebook Ads Manager.

9. HootSuite


HootSuite helps you manage your connected social media all in one place. By having one app to manage and track your social media, it has never been easier to engage, streamline, and publish your content for audience involvement. 

Check now HootSuite and begin your social media management journey.  

10. Google Trends

Digital Marketing Solutions - Google Trends

In using Google Trends as part of your digital marketing solutions, you can track and gain insight into what people all around the world are searching for. This will benefit your search engine optimization, as well as advertisement campaigns to better extend your reach and audience engagement. 

Discover now Google Trends!

11. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions


LinkedIn Marketing Solutions was created to help you generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness. To help you get business done, LinkedIn is committed to providing digital marketing solutions, benefiting your growth and success. 

Discover more about LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.  

12. Ahrefs


Ahrefs has a five-point toolset to help you in your digital marketing solutions. By optimizing your website, analyzing your competitors, studying what your customers are searching for, learning from top-performing content, and tracking your ranking progress, Ahrefs supports you and your business with an all-in-one toolset and supportive community. 

To find out more about Ahrefs, visit the official website.

13. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Zoho is a customer relationship management platform helping you convert leads while engaging customers and growing their revenue. 

This is a great fit for businesses looking for digital marketing solutions in order to further advance their customer reach. Visit the official Zoho CRM website, to get started utilizing their services.  

14. MailChimp


MailChimp is an easy to use marketing platform for advertisements, email marketing campaigns, landing pages, and more. This tool is designed with you in mind to help extend your reach, create better content, automate your marketing, and take action with insights.  

Start now with MailChimp!

15. - Digital Marketing Solutions

Wordable helps you import and publish content from Google Docs to your favorite blogging applications.   Formatting documents for publishing has never been easier than with their user-friendly platform. 

Find out more information about Wordable on the official website.

16. Pinterest Business

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest Business helps creators, merchants, and marketers reach their target audiences through pin graphics designed to engage and inspire.  In utilizing this tool you will have access to free custom analytics, content formats, and more. 

Begin using Pinterest Business to boost your conversions through advertising campaigns! 

17. Moz Pro

Moz Pro

Moz Pro was built for SEO engagement to help your digital marketing solutions. This tool suite helps you increase your traffic and visibility while extending your audience reach. This software comes with a 30-day free trial, access to trusted SEO tools, 24/7 online support, and advice from industry experts. 

Visit now the official Moz Pro website.

18. Marketo


Marketo is a product of Adobe built to identify, engage, and accelerate customer experience. When using this software you will be able to better your customer relations, while also making the consumer experience enjoyable and simple, ensuring your customers keep coming back for more. 

Start using Marketo today.

19. Canva Business

Canva Business

Canva Business was built with your team in mind. With everything from media and publishing, to real estate, tech, and startups, Canva will help you and your team collaborate in real-time while providing tools for you to create custom graphics and tools for increasing the success of your business. 

Learn more about Canva Business

20. Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud - Digital Marketing Solutions

Adobe Creative Cloud offers more than 20 creative applications for photography, graphic design, social media, websites, videos, and more. When you use this outlet, you will have premiere access to top of the line industry standard software for content creators. 

Visit now Adobe Creative Cloud, it has so much to offer. 

The Benefits Of Using A Digital Marketing Agency

There are many benefits of using a digital marketing agency. One of the ways you can utilize a digital marketing agency for your brand needs is by allowing the professionals to do the hard work for you. 

Digital marketing agencies host a wide range of professionals who are proficient in a suite of tools that is organized specifically for digital marketing solutions and needs. 

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10 Website Mistakes Luxury Brands Should Avoid

Does your luxury website include any of these common mistakes? Learn the secrets to driving more traffic to your luxury website, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing sales.

Additional Tools

Additional tools for your digital marketing solutions are listed below.  Included are:

  • LinkTree
  • TikTok
  • GroupMe
  • Google Workspace


LinkTree - Digital Marketing Solutions

LinkTree is a platform in which multiple links can be found in one place. This is a great digital marketing solution for companies, because you can link to pages about your company and why consumers should choose you over competitors, storefronts, customer reviews, videos, and blog posts. Start now to use LinkTree.


TikTok - Digital Marketing Solutions

TikTok isn’t just for lip-synching and dance challenges.  Businesses have begun to use this platform to help promote their brand, and reach and engage audiences young and old alike. Learn more about TikTok on the official website.


GroupMe - Digital Marketing Solutions

GroupMe is a communication tool, where groups can be created and fostered for engagement within your marketing team and brand.

Google Workspace, Formerly GSuite 

GSuite - Google Workspace - Digital Marketing Solutions

Not only is Google practical for use as a search engine, but its suite of applications has a lot to offer by way of collaboration with your marketing team and the promotion of your brand. To use Google Workspace simply create a Google account and get started.  

Why Digital Marketing Solutions Work

Digital marketing solutions work because marketing specialists, managers, and teammates get to work together in order to increase audience engagement and reach. 

These solutions are revolutionary in the age of the internet, as people all around the world can discover what your company and brand have to offer. 

By creating multi-faceted marketing campaigns, companies can utilize digital tools to better target and build relationships with consumers.  

Consumers, in turn, are able to promote the brand through both online presence and reviews, as well as word of mouth.

Digital marketing solutions are a relatively new concept in the world of marketing brands. By utilizing the applications and tools listed in this article, companies and businesses can better promote their brand and increase sales.  

Digital Marketing Solutions

Advantages of Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing campaigns have a few advantages over traditional marketing campaigns. In addition to extending audience reach and the growth of sales, there are a plethora of marketing tactics to help you out, including:

  • Easy to measure
  • Target precision
  • Global marketing
  • Easy to adjust 
  • Low cost
  • Segmentation of products
  • Large return on investments

Getting Started

Getting started is not difficult if you take the time to learn how digital products and software function. 

By putting together a team that specializes in digital marketing, you will be able to better increase the chances of achieving goals and furthering reach for your company. 


There are many digital marketing solutions to utilize for better consumer engagement and action.  

From Google and Hootsuite to LinkedIn and Adobe, there are solutions for all of your digital marketing needs.

For more information about digital marketing solutions, be sure to visit MediaBoom and get started on your digital marketing campaign today.  

By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals, building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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