YouTube Marketing Opportunities for Luxury Brands

Luxury brands are finally catching on to the power of video within the online marketplace. Albeit begrudgingly, luxury brands are now becoming digital-friendly, connecting with their social audience through a variety of new marketing strategies centered around YouTube.

“The conversation is happening, with or without you…”
– Matt Jacobson, Head of Market Development – Instagram

Part of the marketing landscape in this age of technology, includes YouTube marketing. For luxury brands that are now taking advantage of the opportunity afforded via digital marketing and those who are planning and preparing to – getting familiar with video marketing on YouTube is essential. As one story reported, “An increasing number of marketing teams are restructuring to cope with technological challenges..,” that includes video marketing strategies.

Watch This!

As technology has advanced we have been transformed as a result, becoming a more visually inclined customer. More frequently we hear ‘watch this’ while we are hearing less often ‘read this.’ To say that, “Video is taking over social media” might be a stretch. Maybe not. Still, that was how the writer of one story expressed it. As bold as that statement sounds, the statistics cited in the report were attention grabbing to say the least.

“6 in 10 YouTube subscribers would follow advice on what to buy from their favorite creator over their favorite TV or movie personality”
“Online videos will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020”

Luxury brands are not unaware of these developments, they are using YouTube marketing and positioning their companies to take full advantage of the benefits of this marketing tool. From brand promotion to engaging and effective social media campaigns, video marketing is becoming a vital if not primary tool for marketing strategist. Watch this…

Chanel Leads by Example

A front-runner among the luxury brands who jumped into the arena of YouTube marketing, Chanel not only found success but may have laid a blueprint for others too. Chanel placed an extensive focus on quality and relied heavily on their well-earned and established brand name.

Quality in Everything

Luxury brands are synonymous with quality. Chanel decided to emphasize that in more ways than one. Producing videos (YouTube was the primary platform for Chanel) that were of Emmy-Award winning quality and investing in the best staff to produce their material was part of that quality effort. It wasn’t quite two years ago when the head of one marketing team said this about Chanel’s YouTube video campaign –

“Chanel translates its luxury status on YouTube simply by making exquisite video content…”

Using Your Best Assets

When a company has a name like Chanel, it provides them with tools that can’t afford to go unused. Namely, their brand name. The name Chanel will establish familiarity for those who know them, elicit immediate trust from those who are customers and more. Although Chanel did splash a celebrity cameo appearance in a few videos, it was more a matter of simply stating…”We are Chanel.” For those who don’t have such a well-recognized and established name in the luxury brand market, some star power isn’t a bad idea…

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Star Power

Luxury brand trivia question: What do mainstream icons Madonna, Demi Moore and Halle Berry have in common? In this case the answer is Versace. This luxury brand stalwart used all three within the same year in 2005 to 2006 according to one story. Two points jump out at us about this fact, one; these stars were used for print ads. If star power worked in print then imagine its impact now with video technology. Two; that was over a decade ago and don’t we see stars all over the internet today too? This is a safe way for luxury brands to enter the YouTube marketing arena, using a method that has been tested and proven.

There is a new kind of star power today as well, known as influencer star power generally tied to social media campaigns. For those newer or lesser-known luxury brands, investigating using this type of star power could be worthwhile and prove effective.

Luxury Content

Print, audio or video – content counts. It is actually considered a driving force in marketing on any level applied to any platform. What your video says matters.

“Today’s luxury brand buyers are increasingly more social…Recognizing that…luxury brands have carefully curated edgy and engaging content…”

That is how an article regarding luxury brands and social celebrities stated it. Luxury brands use content to reach, connect and relate to their audience. Video empowers a louder and more visual delivery method that promotes a connection between the consumer and the brand.

A Brief Do’s and Don’t List

Do use and emphasis things like star power, your brand assets and content to communicate and promote your brand. This is quickly becoming the format for success for many luxury brands. Using that content to convey the luxury experience, highlight craftsmanship or focusing on quality per Chanel’s model are examples of using content wisely.
Don’t engage in volatile topics, discussions about price or other questionable conversations. Keeping the focus on the luxury lifestyle and basically avoiding any thing or any conversation that doesn’t define luxury is also a wise decision. Luxury brands embrace a life of – well, luxury – and your video marketing strategy should do so accordingly.

Taking the Lead

At one time, luxury brands were being mocked somewhat for not getting involved in the landscape of social media and video marketing. And today?

“Most luxury brands now have an Instagram profile, a Twitter account, a Facebook page and a YouTube channel…luxury brands are taking the lead and owning a larger share of the viewership and engagement.”

Luxury brands are doing more than getting involved, they are taking the lead. Where else would you expect those living the life of luxury to be?

By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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