9 Ways to Personalize Your Website to Increase Conversions

Your company’s prosperity hinges on your ability to convert prospects into customers. Studies show that 65% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a company that provides personalized information, emphasizing the effect that a customized approach can have on conversions. And with most product searches beginning online, today’s businesses cannot afford to overlook the impact of a personalized website. Below are 9 ways to personalize your website to increase your conversions.

1) Showcase customer testimonials

“A testimonial means that the person giving it is putting their reputation with their own tribe on the line. If they give a testimonial and the business doesn’t live up to what they have to say, their reputation is damaged.”
– Andrew Griffiths, Entrepreneur and Author

Testimonials are a powerful means of personalizing your website and products. And with a whopping 88% of customers indicating that they trust product reviews, you can expect to see a healthy increase in your conversions after you add some video testimonials, customer quotes, or product reviews to your website. Testimonials are especially effective if they are provided by a customer who is from the same state or geographical area.

2) Greet your customers when they sign into your website

This strategy is simple but effective. Well over half of consumers are more likely to return to an online company if the company recognizes them by name. Personalizing your website greetings and live chat to refer to your customers by name helps build a sense of familiarity and importance among customers.

3) Feature live video messages

Delighting your customers with a personalized video message is a great way to gain an edge over your competitors. This strategy is particularly effective when implemented with return customers. Not only will your customers be surprised to receive a personalized message from you, they will be more likely to linger and remain engaged with your website. For optimal effect, prepare a video message that is succinct, positive, and helpful to your customers.

4) Introduce live chat

“Before live chat, you had two main options to contact companies if you had any questions: phone and email… If you want to build personal connections and increase your conversions, then you should definitely try out live chat.”
– Neil Patel, Entrepreneur and New York Times best selling author

Companies that introduce live chat can increase their conversion rates by up to 45%. In addition to bolstering lead volume, live chat provides an excellent opportunity for prospects to have a personalized interaction with your company. Finally, live chat can help customers in the decision-making process because customers have access to live support to respond to questions and doubts that may otherwise prevent them from purchasing.

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5) Offer your website content in multiple languages

Results of a survey of thousands of consumers across the globe show that over 70% of respondents spend most or all of their time on websites with content in their native languages. If you have considered taking the plunge and offering your products or services globally, you should consider publishing different content for customers accessing your site from different regions of the world.

6) Showcase your most enticing new products or services

Not all consumers are equally savvy. Some will be able to navigate through your website and locate your newest and most exciting products while other customers are not as discerning. You can help ensure that all of your customers are aware of your key products by employing one or more of the following strategies:

  • Position new products or services in a highly visible location
  • Feature live product reviews
  • Pair new products with related existing products

7) Include videos of your products in action with customers

One of the best ways to create an engaging, personalized experience for your website visitors is to create short promotional videos that feature one or more customers using your products. Featuring existing customers in your video helps to bring your products and company to life and make them more enticing. As you prepare your product videos, be sure to highlight the benefits of your product and show how your product solves a common problem for your customer base.

8) Utilize geolocation marketing

“By knowing precisely where someone is going online, along with their connection speed, brands can target audience segments based on business-type level, reaching customers online in ways that were previously possible only through direct mail and billboards…Better ads increase offline and online traffic, conversion and sales by automatically personalizing merchandise assortments by location.”
– Steven Cook, Founder of Fortune CMO, and Miten Sampat

A growing number of business owners and marketing specialists are mapping customers’ IP addresses to facilitate geolocation marketing. Through geolocation marketing, your website can act as a tool that targets people in specific regions of the country, or even the world. Website visitors on the other side of the world can have an entirely different experience on your website that is tailored specifically to their needs. This strategy can transform a run-of-the-mill e-commerce company into a model of personalization.

9) Ask existing customers how you can better personalize your site

Asking existing customers to provide feedback on your website accomplishes multiple goals. In addition to making them feel valued you will gain valuable insight into the minds of your customers. In particular, ask your clients what they like and dislike about your website, and what features made them decide to do business with your company.

Personalize for Success

As outlined above, there are many ways to personalize your website. Whether you choose to explore all the options or just a few, simple personalization tactics can make a significant difference in how customers perceive your website, but more importantly your brand.

By: Frank DePino

Frank DePino is Principal and Founder of Mediaboom. Since 2002, Frank has led Mediaboom’s award-winning staff of creative and technical professionals building the most effective marketing and advertising solutions for its clients.


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