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13 Ways to Stand Out in Home Services Marketing

By: Frank DePino | May 22, 2024

Home services marketing utilizes various marketing techniques to further business objectives such as customer retention and an increased customer base. What kinds of services should your home improvement business focus on to grow this area of your digital marketing?

Here are some indispensable techniques for home services marketing:

  • Website design
  • Google Business profile
  • Business listings
  • Local SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Referrals
  • Live chat
  • Reputation management

This guide will be a comprehensive overview of home services marketing, including a definition of this form of marketing, the benefits of investing in your home services business, and further details on the strategies above.

The owner of a home service business invested in marketing and found a new client

What Is Home Services Marketing?

Let’s begin with a definition. Home Services marketing combines traditional and modern marketing techniques (such as digital marketing for home services) for the furtherance of business objectives related to those in the
realm of home services.

From transportation and storage services to home construction, gardening, carpeting, HVAC, plumbing, and more, home services online marketing runs the gamut, serving a variety of home
services businesses.

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Why Home Services Businesses Should Invest in Digital Marketing

Home service businesses carry enough on their plate that the thought of an additional financial burden can be straining.

Investing in digital marketing though is anything but a burden. It will behoove your business now and long into the future to have a marketing strategy you can rely on.

Home services online marketing is especially advantageous. Call tracking service Invoca reports that online search drives a significant portion of the average consumer’s purchasing and converting decisions.

Here’s a breakdown of the percentage of shoppers who did their online research before converting:

  • Appliance repair – 64%
  • Home remodeling – 65%
  • Moving – 82%
  • Carpet cleaning – 65%
  • Housecleaning – 59%
  • Painting – 64%
  • Patios and decks – 60%
  • HVAC repair – 62%
  • Pest control – 75%
  • Electrical work – 58%
  • Lawn care – 67%
  • Plumbing – 54%
  • Fencing – 57%
  • Locksmith services – 73%
  • Roofing – 62%

It’s not necessarily that these potential customers have their minds made up. Not at all, actually!

Inbound marketing resource BlinkJar Media reports that most consumers have yet to decide on a purchase yet, giving home services businesses like yours the chance to swoop in and convert.

That’s not all. A 2022 report in Cision PR Newswire reports that the increase in both home services marketing and advertising has spearheaded market growth for the industry as a whole.

You can trust that no matter what type of service company you are, your competitors in the home services industry are already utilizing digital marketing. You should as well.

The owner of a home services has found benefits since investing in marketing

What Are the Benefits of Home Services Marketing?

Home services online marketing can advance a number of your service company’s goals, so let’s take a closer look at how.

Lead generation

Differentiating your company among the wide number of service providers in the home services industry is important in increasing your lead generation.

Through the strategies that we’ll outline ahead, you’ll have several secure methods for boosting the number of leads that enter your marketing funnel.

While there’s always a need for home services among the general populace, those needs wane. Most home improvement jobs, once done, don’t have to be redone for years if not decades.

That’s why it’s always to a home service company’s advantage to have new leads in need of services.

Increase in Customers

Attracting leads is wonderful, but you have to convert them to make a meaningful difference in your home services company’s bottom line.

Through digital marketing strategies such as content marketing, advertising, and reputation management, you can nurture and educate your audience to inspire them to make a purchasing decision they’ll be confident in.

Driving Authority

Home Services marketing gives your home services business the opportunity to increase your authority and inspire more consumer trust in your brand specifically.

Through your website design, business listing presence, referrals, and content marketing, you’ll establish your business as a rock-solid choice for all a consumer’s home improvement needs.


You can also use home services online marketing to increase the reputation of your business. By displaying reviews and building a strong referral system, you’ll have a sterling reputation that will inspire more leads to convert.

The worker is assembling a boiler after finding a new customer thanks to home service marketing

Home Service Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Brand

Next, let’s look at some digital marketing strategies for service companies.

Website design

A stellar website design not only separates you from the pack but also engages leads and can begin the conversion process as they sign up for your email newsletter.

In this HVAC website design examples list, we showcased what it makes for an exemplary web design in the HVAC sphere.

  • Even if your home services business doesn’t specialize in HVAC, there are certain design elements of a website that transcend industry, such as:
  • Complimentary colors
  • Using your logo colors as a basis for the color scheme
  • Clear, easy-to-read fonts
  • CTAs above the fold
  • Clear CTA links that tell a visitor where they’re going when they click
  • Neat navigation bars
  • Search feature in the navigation
Mediaboom shows you how to optimize your Google My Business profile for home service marketing

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile, which for a long time was known as Google My Business, is an excellent way to increase your local search results, improve your visibility, inform and educate your leads, and drive new business.

You can also increase audience trust through a Google Business Profile, as social media resource Business Wire states that 90 percent of consumers will read through reviews before finalizing a purchasing decision.

Here are some best practices courtesy of our blog for your Google Business Profile:

  • Make sure the profile is filled out completely
  • Triple-check the accuracy of your information, including spelling and business hours
  • Include a website link
  • Upload your own photos of your work and allow customers to share before and after photos as well
  • Post on your Google Business profile about things like new services, promotions and deals, or limited-time offers

Business Listings

Another home services marketing strategy to add to your list is getting your service business on various listings.

It’s not enough to have a comprehensive Google Business profile, after all. Showing up on listings could be how leads find you. Then they’ll look into your Google Business profile.

If your company is interested in marketing on a budget, there are plenty of free listings for your business’s name to appear on.

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Local SEO

Local search engine optimization or SEO will act as the backbone of your home services digital marketing campaign.

It focuses on reaching customers in your neighborhood and adjoining cities or towns. You’re not trying to build a nationwide presence though.

Some of the strategies we’ve discussed already, such as a Google Business Profile and being added to local listings are excellent ways to boost your local SEO.

Per this post on our blog, here are some other strategies you can try:

  • Run a local SEO audit to determine if your website has foundational issues that are holding you back from rising in the ranks.
  • Focus on link-building, choosing only quality links to maintain your reputation.
  • Write localized content with local keywords.

Blog and content marketing

Speaking of content, that’s the next marketing tactic we’ll look at.

Content still is and will likely always be king, so a content marketing strategy is critical for your home service business.

What kinds of content should you focus on?

Blogging is a great one to start with. Through your blog posts, you can write educational and informative content about your services without being too salesy.

Other types of content for your consideration are checklists, eBooks, and webinars.

Mediaboom has created a budget calculator for Google ADS

Google Ads

When determining what your home services business advertising campaign will look like, Google Ads should be a part of that equation.

Using Google Ads can help you target your ads according to criteria like interest or location.

You can level out the playing field by advertising on a major platform like this, increase your SEO, and boost brand awareness too.

Budgeting your ad spending is easy when you can use our Google Ads Cost Calculator!

Social Media Ads

Social media is undoubtedly a pillar of your home services marketing campaign, but what if your posts fail to generate enough traction? Between the measures we’ll discuss in this subsection and the next, that should no longer be the case.

The first social media measure we recommend is advertising on social media.

With so many social media platforms out there in this day and age, you can’t possibly advertise on every single one unless your service company has a tremendous marketing budget.

It’s best to start with one or two platforms that you know the largest subset of your audience uses. Then you can scale up your social media advertising efforts as your advertising and marketing begin paying back dividends.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another fantastic strategy to have in your back pocket.

In this post on HVAC social media marketing, we recommended social platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram for your marketing efforts.

  • Here are some other tips to follow:
  • Livestream content, such as projects in progress
  • Post consistently
  • Strive to post content your audience will be happy to engage with
  • Use hashtags, but only as they’re relevant, and never too many
  • Incorporate quality visuals like infographics
  • Showcase reviews (with a customer’s permission)

Video Marketing

We talked about content marketing as a home services marketing strategy above, but video content marketing is excellent as well and deserves its own spotlight.

Video resource Wyzowl reports that 86 percent of companies are using video as a marketing tool in 2022, which is a marked increase from 2016 when it was only 61 percent.

Through video, you can explain home improvement concepts that your customers might not understand and even show tutorials for basic repairs a homeowner can do themselves.

The copywriter is launching his email marketing campaign to boost home service

Email marketing

The goal of bringing leads to your website is to inspire them to sign up for your service company’s email newsletter. Once they’re on the list, you need to begin using email marketing to keep them there.

Before you launch any email marketing campaign, you must set goals such as conversions. Then you have to create email content.

Templates come in handy for this, but you will have to create unique subject lines and body content for each email you send out.

Don’t forget to track analytics to ensure your email marketing campaigns have succeeded.


Your home services marketing campaign needs a referrals aspect as well.

Referrals are a more hands-off way of promoting your home services business.

More so than that, referrals are incredibly successful, with business review service FinancesOnline reporting that most consumers find word-of-mouth promotions more reliable compared to paid ads.

You could see your rate of both leads and conversions increase once your company has an active referrals program.

An example of how Mediaboom has set up a chatbot to facilitate communication with customers

Live chat

Your team is busy serving customers, so you can’t be in the office 24/7. In your absence, live chat is a great way to ensure that leads and customers get their questions answered in a timely fashion.

Live chat increases customer satisfaction and allows for better time management for other sectors of your company (especially your customer service reps).

Online and SEO Reputation Management

The last home services marketing tactic we recommend is reputation management, especially online.

Your brand’s reputation is all you have at the end of the day. If you alienate your audience, you’ll lose customers and struggle to onboard new ones.

That’s not to say that negative reviews won’t come through. When they do, you need a mitigation strategy in place to assuage customer concerns and solve ongoing issues.

Deleting or ignoring negative comments is never the answer!

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