Reasons luxury brands need a responsive website

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Responsive Website

In a world where most people access the Internet using mobile devices, having a responsive website is a must. These websites respond to the device used to access them, optimizing their appearance to the nuances of smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Here are five reasons why you should consider responsive design:


1. More Mobile Devices
Today, most Internet users own a smart phone. In 2012, mobile devices were used for more than half of all local searches. The evidence is overwhelming: if your website isn’t designed to accommodate both mobile and desktop users, your visitors will notice.


2. Better User Experience
Without responsive design, visitors using mobile devices will have to scroll to view your website. It might prove an awkward or even difficult experience to navigate and peruse your site. If a user isn’t impressed with your website in that crucial first 10 seconds of their visit, they will likely take their business elsewhere. Though it may seem a good solution, having a desktop site and a mobile site means you have two SEO campaigns to manage. You’ll also need to update two separate websites. With a responsive website, the changes you make will appear across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The latter approach is easier and more cost-effective to boot.


4. Favored by Google
Since a responsive website has one URL and the same HTML regardless of device, this makes it easier for Google to index the content. For this reason, Google is favoring mobile-friendly websites with higher search rankings. In a nutshell, Google is rewarding those using responsive design for making their jobs easier, too.


5. Stay Ahead of Competitors
Your competitors may not have heard of responsive design, or may just be catching on to the concept. If you don’t take advantage of the technology before they do, you may lose potential customers.