Top 5 Factors To Consider When Hiring A Luxury Digital Agency

Hiring the right luxury digital agency is a task that is often met with a lot of reluctance, especially considering how difficult it is to find the right one. There are many factors to keep in mind while searching for the right agency, and in determining whether it is..

Hiring the right luxury digital agency is a task that is often met with a lot of reluctance, especially considering how difficult it is to find the right one. There are many factors to keep in mind while searching for the right agency, and in determining whether it is the right fit for your needs.

Here are some factors that are worth considering when searching for the right luxury digital agency for your brand:

1. A proven history of success

This is an obvious one, but it bears repeating as the first and foremost factor for consideration. Many agencies will tell you about their success in implementing campaigns and working with brands. However, the right agency will be happy to show you their results – that is the key differentiator. Understanding their methods is a part of the process, but so is analyzing the end result.
Are the companies they work with happy with the results, and is there a quantifiable difference that keeps them coming back? References and client testimonials are one aspect to determine this, but ensure that you are asking these questions from the start of the process to really determine what agency will provide the right experience and fulfill the vision you have for your brand moving forward.

Furthermore, when choosing an agency to work with, ensure their case studies meet or excel industry standards. A great luxury digital agency case study will demonstrate the technical skills an agency provides as well as providing proof that what they offer is valuable and can get your brand the best return on investment.

2. What is their specialty? B2C? B2B?

Another important aspect to consider is what their specialty is, and what types of clients they have the most success with. However, with this factor, it is also important to consider your overall strategy and what you need to accomplish with your marketing strategy. Some agencies work with clients across different channels, making them a bit more generalized in terms of experience. Other agencies cultivate niche audiences and are better for other more tailored experiences.

Another important to consider is what their digital specialty is, and how that fits in with your goals. Are they more geared towards SEO, or is their expertise in content marketing? It is important to evaluate what your goals are, and find an agency that has the right experience to get you the best return on investment.

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3. Their approach: All hands on board, or hands-off?

While the marketing process is definitely collaborative, it is important to remember you have a finite amount of resources and personnel available to you. Is the agency you ultimately choose willing to provide full service, or are they only able to provide a few services and leave the rest up to you? And once that is determined, what is their approach? Some agencies prefer for you to give your input in each part of the process, while other agencies are most productive when the client is hands-off.

Consider your working style, and what resources you have available to when making this determination. What aspects of digital marketing are you comfortable keeping in-house, and what is better outsourced? And how comfortable are you with what their approach is?

4. Their overall aesthetic and technical abilities

Marketing, especially luxury marketing, is so dependent on crafting the right aesthetic and approach to tie in with your brand’s narrative. To truly tap into the right audience, it is imperative to find an agency that has the skills to create an experience tailored uniquely for your brand and your customers. Understanding their design method and strategy, and how that fits in with what your brand is trying to convey is also essential.

| “If their technical and design practices are too disjointed, you’re better off sourcing each individually.”
George Dearing

The right agency will have a balance of aesthetic appeal and the technical abilities to really implement successful campaigns. Look at their previous clients, and how their campaigns were executed. Marketing campaigns are usually a mix of client needs and agency style. Try to separate the two to understand how the agency really works and how their personality may fuse into the work.

5. Reporting capabilities

Once a campaign is deployed…what’s next? And how is its worth really determined? Many agencies are extremely successful in communicating everything but that, so it is important to keep in mind how the aftermath will be evaluated. An agency should be able to explain exactly what metrics they will use to determine ROI, and at what frequency that will be reported to you. Determining what analytics and KPIs will best determine success is a collaborative process, but it is important that an agency is quick with suggestions and recommendations.

Generally, it is better to start the relationship by putting expectations into writing, such as what deliverables are essential, and when they need to be received by to set an initial sense of accountability on both ends. Luxury digital agencies should be willing to be transparent about how that process will be, and what you should expect from them.

These are just some factors to consider, and it is understandable that it might seem overwhelming initially. However, the evaluation process must be holistic in order to find a luxury digital agency that is the right fit for your brand, and these tips will likely aid in that process. Cultivating the right look and feel with strong marketing tactics is integral, and the right agency will help bring that to life to truly drive success for your luxury brand.

Luxury Websites Are Leading the Way: 5 Examples of Top Brands Doing Digital Right

The luxury market is dictated and driven by the customer, and now those customers are expecting to have an experience in the buying journey. The luxury market has always been dictated by the demand of the customer. What has changed, however…

The luxury market is dictated and driven by the customer, and now those customers (especially online through ads and luxury websites) are expecting to have an experience in the buying journey. The luxury market has always been dictated by the demand of the customer. What has changed, however, is how that experience is getting delivered today.

What Has Changed?

The luxury market is now a technologically savvy one. Customers are mobile, they are on social media platforms and they are moving at warp speed. What does that have to do with the experience, design and ease-of-use of a luxury brand website? Everything.

One particular advantage luxury brands have over the mainstream is that luxury brands don’t need to change what it is they represent. A defining characteristic of any luxury brand is a defined commitment to customer excellence. It is that commitment to the customer that is shaping how successful luxury websites are built today.

Technically Speaking

At the onset of the technological revolution, luxury brands had the luxury of sitting on the sidelines. The landscape has dramatically changed since then and now luxury brands have been forced to get into the game – and they have!

Top luxury brands are stepping up to the challenge of creating a website that isn’t good – but great. This is the world of luxury, after all. Below are five of those brand leaders doing digital right with top luxury websites:

Implementing Video – Omega Watches

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Technology and video advancements have made video a smarter, and more effective tool in luxury website design. If you aren’t using video, at least in some fashion, you are missing an engaging element that can bring your website to life…

| 87% of online marketers use video content.”

Perhaps no luxury brand has showcased this better than the luxury watch brand, Omega. They’ve even infused some influencer star power too. Omega’s site invites you to watch a video at every turn and corner, while maintaining a free, open and always classy feel.

Design with Luxury in Mind – Villa Feltrinelli

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Imagine experiencing the thrill of driving a luxury sports car. Now imagine experiencing a fine aged wine. That is what great design can deliver, and experience. The point and case here is what the luxury accommodations at the Villa Feltrinelli. This grand hotel transports visitors the instant they step into their hotel website.

You might feel the water as you watch it gently rolling, or smell the cuisine as photography so crisp almost permits the smell of fresh vegetables. Although there may be some question to the ease of site navigation, this is undoubtedly a website design with luxury in mind.

Looking for more examples of luxury website design?

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Beauty can be a Beast – Versace

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There has been some rumbling about the struggle to create a comparable luxury experience in the digital age. On report put it this way –…luxury brands apparently find it hard to resist the temptation to design convoluted sites that value glossy imagery over user experience.”

That wasn’t a problem for luxury giant, Versace. This probably isn’t a surprise considering that beauty is the heartbeat of this fashion icon. Beauty attracts, and that does apply to the aesthetic appeal of your website too. Versace leaned heavily on their brand image. The vast majority of the imagery or photography here is nothing but gorgeous models wearing Versace’s fabulous lines.

Customers Expect an Experience – Helm Luxury Travel Broker

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When a customer steps inside a luxury automobile they expect to experience an experience. When a client buys a luxury home, they expect to experience something special. What that means for each of them, may be different but…

| …globally, 95% of luxury buyers are digitally connected.”

Luxury travel charter broker, Helm, applied a smart technique to induce customers into an experience. Visitors at their site can click into different yachting trips, see actual pictures and feel engaged as they determine where they want to explore as they plan their trip. There could arguably be a lack of that traditional luxury aura but an experience is definitely offered.

Site Navigation – Papazian Jewelry Showcase Designer

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We mentioned earlier, the risk of trying to be too glamorous, too beautiful – dare we say too luxurious. That same concern applies to being too basic. A word the luxury clientele may not often find in their neighborhood is basic, and finding that balance takes some thought.

Jewelry showcase designer, Papazian, has obviously given thought to their website navigation. Easy to use, read and cohesive navigation make this site a model for others. Papazian may have erred slightly in not having quite enough luxury imprint but only slightly if they did.

One Last Thing

Be continually evaluating your brand and website relationship. In this particular scenario be sure that it feels, acts and speaks toward being technology-friendly and represents your image. Is your luxury website responsive? Are your AI technologies improving your customer’s experience or making a process better? Having an antiquated image in the digital age could be a detrimental oversight.]

Luxury advertisers are having to respond to consumers’ changing expectations…” – Vittorio Bonori – Zenith Global Brand President

You know your customers best and you also know that technology is a major player in the luxury market today. Find the experience your customers desire then define the plan and method to deliver that experience. The challenge is great, but so is the opportunity.

Company websites are the official introduction, the handshake and greeting. First impressions are important in any business. They are make-or-break important in the luxury industry.

How important is a website to luxury brands? Well, how would you want to greet your customers?