Web Design Company mediaBOOM Creates Holiday Card

The professionals at Goodwin Procter LLP, a leading national law firm with over 850 attorneys in Boston, California, New York, and Washington, DC, decided to once again choose mediaBOOM to create their annual holiday greeting card. Our web design company crafted a dynamic yet elegant flash-based greeting card for the 2009 holiday season, overseeing the project all the way from concept through design to programming.

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CT Marketing Agency Creates CRF Application Design

Founded in 1991, The Cardiovascular Research Foundation® (CRF) is an academically-focused nonprofit organization, dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with cardiovascular disease through research and education. As part of their mission, CRF conducts over 50 educational meetings, conferences, and teaching symposia annually.

Events such as their annual scientific symposium bring together more than 10,000 physicians, health care professionals, industry colleagues, and government regulators from around the world to demonstrate the latest in research and interventional techniques. In 2003, CRF approached CT marketing agency mediaBOOM with a unique business problem: the conversion of their paper-driven conference management system into an automated internet application. Our advertising company responded by creating a custom, in-depth online solution that allows CRF to automate their conference management work flow. Today, CRF can organize entire events from a single application design and communicate with hundreds of the world’s leading cardiologists with the click of a mouse.

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Web Design Company mediaBOOM Creates Millennium Tower

Web design company mediaBOOM created a website for Millennium Tower, in partnership with Ronin Advertising. New York-based developer Millennium Partners was looking to create a state-of-the-art website to promote their latest project to be built in San Francisco, Millennium Tower. The group looked to mediaBOOM to design and develop a website that highlighted the 60-story residential tower’s features, technology, and amenities.

Our Guilford Connecticut based web design company delivered a highly interactive website that includes streaming video, interactive floorplans, and photo galleries. The new website also features a social networking component similar to Facebook. The Millennium Tower social network allows residents to add friends and send them messages, update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves and share and invite friends to events at Millennium Tower.

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Marketing Company mediaBOOM Works with MDX

The Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, known as MDX, is the governing body that manages the five busiest expressways in South Florida. Together with Ronin Advertising, marketing company mediaBOOM has worked with MDX to help rebrand the organization.

mediaBOOM has worked on the interactive marketing for MDX including development of their MDXSafety.com website. The new website was created to increase awareness of hazards that plague drivers everywhere. Among the features of the website are a driving quiz testing visitor’s safety acumen and educational videos.

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Guilford Connecticut Web Design Company Develops MDXORT

The Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, known as MDX, is the governing body that manages the five busiest expressways in South Florida. Together with Ronin Advertising, mediaBOOM has worked with MDX to help rebrand the organization. In particular, our Guilford Connecticut web design company worked on the interactive marketing for MDX including development of their MDXORT.com website.

The new website informs visitors on the progress of MDX’s Open Road Tolling project. Open Road Tolling will allow Floridians to drive straight through an open road without needing to change lanes, stop their vehicles or even slow down to pay a toll.

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New Haven County Design Agency Designs IRSMedic Website

The professionals at IRSMedic.com recently approached mediaBOOM regarding a re-design of their existing website. This firm of tax consulting attorneys wanted a site that was more user-friendly and efficient, and better reflected the company’s capabilities. This Connecticut-based company fulfills an important role, as IRS Medic founder Anthony Parent recently reported in a radio interview. “The IRS can shut someone’s business down, padlock it. I wanted to make a difference.”

New Haven County design agency mediaBOOM responded to this challenge by creating a flash-equipped website that incorporates a fresh, modern design and efficient functionalities. The clean layout makes site navigation a cinch for those souls who are scuffling over tax issues and need some help. Visit the site at www.irsmedic.com.

CT Ad Agency mediaBOOM Creates Website for Cerulean Lake Tahoe

Recently CT ad agency mediaBOOM, in cooperation with Ronin Advertising, completed the animation and development of an interactive website for Cerulean Lake Tahoe, a picturesque private residence community to be located near the California/Nevada border.

Cerulean Lake Tahoe (named for the beautiful azure color of the lake itself) will be an exclusive grouping of nearly 40 beautiful residences, hosted by Wyndham Private Residence LLC, which smartly combine luxury and efficiency with rusticity and simplicity. The vibrant website provides interactive features and includes video content, musical score, constantly updated local weather, and more. The site captures both the community’s sense of warmth and comfort as well as the feeling of privacy and indulgence.

Estimated completion of these unique residences is Spring, 2010.

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Connecticut Advertising Agency Launches How2Design

Connecticut advertising agency mediaBOOM created the How2Design website. How2Design is a highly progressive firm which specializes in forging design concepts and ideas into communication strategies that rock. The members of the How2 band collaborate to roll ideas from clients into vibrant advertising and marketing messages that are delivered through a variety of media. Their success has been well documented, with recognition and awards from organizations as instrumental as AIGA, ARC, Print Magazine and more. So when H2D approached mediaBOOM to create its website, the team knew they’d better get jammin’.

Connecticut advertising agency mediaBOOM collaborated with How2Design to create and develop a cutting-edge, 3D website. The new site begins with a live sound-set concept and blows it into a harmonious performance. The site mixes a resounding custom-made sound design with Adobe Flash content to deliver a distinctive interactive experience internet visitors won’t soon forget. How2Design’s strong brand image is further reinforced by an 80-plus piece portfolio viewer that combines striking visual displays in concert with a resonant musical background.

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Connecticut Website Design Agency mediaBOOM Website Published

The creative webwork of Connecticut Website Design Agency mediaBOOM is attracting more and more attention. Now it’s been included in Guidelines for Online Success, a new 336-page book from Taschen Publishing. In this highly-reviewed work, editors Rob Ford and Julius Wiedemann explore the do’s and don’t’s of Internet entrepreneurship.

Connecticut Website Design Agency mediaBOOM’s website is showcased on page 81 as part of Chapter 2’s commentary on “Marketing and Communication”. This very informative volume is available through Amazon.com; or, you can thumb through the entire book online by visiting Taschen.com.

Web Design Company mediaBOOM Designs Live For A Season Website

Recently, Four Seasons Miami approached mediaBOOM via Ronin Advertising to create an interactive website that would showcase the variety of sophisticated living opportunities available at its luxurious Four Seasons Residences. It was an inspiring challenge. Located in the gleaming 70-story tower that is the tallest building in Florida, the Four Seasons experience features well-appointed guest rooms and suites, fully furnished residences, a 50,000 square-foot sports club and wellness facility, an extensive pool and terrace, and much more.

Presented with such a worthy project, web design company mediaBOOM responded by developing a distinctive interactive online experience at www.LiveForASeason.com. This dynamic site includes interactive floorplans of the different types of residences plus their amenities, a look at the sports club, and depictions of the vibrant Miami lifestyle and its attractions, such as South Beach and the Performing Arts Center.

Along with sweeping panoramic views of the city of Miami and Biscayne Bay, the different features of this website combine to publicize the company’s brand by portraying the elegance of the diverse lifestyles available at the ornate seaside highrise.

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